Youth Olympic Games

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A Free-To-Air Sports Channel?

Given the complementary nature of the sporting and media industries, the absence of a free-to-air sports channel in Singapore is a glaring hole in its report card. Continue reading

The Youth Olympic Games: Be Honest About The Negatives

Singaporeans are not denying the hard work and dedication put in by the multitude of volunteers to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the YOG; on the contrary, it is this commitment that should drive us to be more balanced when delivering evaluations. If Singapore is to genuinely emerge as a sporting hub or nation in time to come, the only way forward is to candidly acknowledge our past mistakes and work on them. Honesty and transparency matter. Continue reading

Cease The Blind Hate; Let’s Put The Singapore Youth Olympic Games (YOG) In Perspective

The inaugural Youth Olympic Games (YOG) was officially opened in Singapore on Saturday night; and while the Opening Ceremony was received with much fanfare, the lead-up to the event was riddled with its fair share of controversies and complaints. No single event is going to achieve a perfect approval rate. Even though some of the … Continue reading