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Education, Employers, And Singapore’s Workaholic Culture

An understanding of Singapore’s workaholic culture – given that “Singapore residents in 2015 worked the second longest week in developed cities around the world” (TODAY, Dec. 22) – is not complete without examining the influence of a competitive education system and the role of older employers in perpetuating the need for long work hours, reflected in instances when calls for a better work-life balance is ridiculed as younger workers being demanding or mollycoddled. And because has been established that the long work hours in Singapore compare poorly to the hours of workers from other countries and that blue-collar Singaporean workers still work the longest hours, attempts to improve the status quo ought to focus on the root of these problems. Continue reading

First Day Jitters

The first day at a new workplace is always nerve-wrecking. Sat alone at your desk everything around you is foreign. Everyone in the department is friendly, yet their expertise and experience mean that the lone intern is a nervous sponge. You wonder what you can do, can touch, and what is expected throughout the months. Plus it does not help that you had arrived on Saturday for an internship on Monday, and jetlag resulted in a sleepless night before. Continue reading

The Last Day

Last Saturday was my last day at work. Continue reading