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Education In Singapore: What We Can Agree On

Member of Parliament Hri Kumar penned a Facebook note about the Government’s role in education, and TODAY decided to publish his perspective in its entirety. He was writing in response to the backlash received by Senior Minister of State (Education) Indranee Rajah, after she had asserted that “our education system is run on the basis that tuition is not necessary”. While this is not exactly an issue of “how does this qualify as news”, I thought it was curious – and probably lazy on the part of the editors – to conveniently reproduce Mr. Kumar’s post without additional value or commentary. Continue reading

Tuition: Is It A Real Necessity? Or A Perceived Necessity?

“As much as the demand for tuition is determined by actual need to a certain extent, it is driven even more by perceived need; that is, there is huge overconsumption of this good”. Do you agree that students and parents subscribe to the “tuition mantra” without genuinely comprehending the needs of the student, or is tuition really an important necessity? With the growth of tuition, and corresponding tuition centres and tutors, we want to hear about your opinions on tuition in Singapore (personal and general perspectives). Continue reading

Tuition That We May Have To Believe In

Perhaps we’ve got it all wrong about the inherent value of tuition. Perhaps. The toughest part at the end of the day however, is probably this: getting the right tutor. Continue reading