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A “Tuition Scholarship Programme” – For Real

The simi sai also SG50 phenomenon notwithstanding (though some might say that the reference is actually apt, with the pervasiveness of tuition in Singapore’s education system), this notion of a “tuition scholarship programme” seems odd, and brings back into question the role of tuition here. Cases have been made for and against the practice, and while a consensus on its necessity or value is unlikely, something should be said about the convenient prominence we grant to such undertakings. Continue reading

Extend Homework Collaboration To Students

The phenomenon of parents turning to social media and mobile apps to crowdsource solutions to their children’s homework (ST, Apr. 26) may be dismissed by some as unfair attempts to game the education system, yet it would appear that these collaborative practices are not only reflective of student discussions which already happen within schools, but also of work environments in the future. Continue reading

Exam Answers On The Internet: Much Ado About Nothing

The straightforward response to individuals who are outraged by the practice of exchanging and checking examination answers on the Internet is: don’t be. Or rather, if you are bothered by these publications – especially from the tuition centres – then don’t visit them. Continue reading