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Posting Environmental Impact Studies Online Should Be The Norm, Not The Exception

It seems curious to me that “government agencies will consider doing the same for future [environmental impact assessment (EIA) reports], especially if there is significant public interest involved” (TODAY, Feb. 27), when the online release of such EIA reports should be the norm, not the exception. In particular when the notion of “significant public interest involved” can be ambiguous. While there is no law mandating the need for these studies to be conducted or made public, the recent debate surrounding the implications of the first phase of the Cross Island Line signals interest from the general public. It should also allow the government to gauge sentiments, enriching discourse in the process. Continue reading

Difficult For Carpooling To Take Root

Reservations as to whether “GrabHitch could jumpstart enthusiasm for carpooling in Singapore as Singaporeans are wary of strangers” (TODAY, Nov. 12) are valid, and unless the new ride-sharing service – launched by smartphone booking app GrabTaxi – can provide evidence that Singaporeans are or will be more receptive to carpooling, then the endeavour appears to be no more than a publicity stunt. Furthermore, security requirements for potential drivers to provide documentation such as licenses and insurance may slow take-up rates too. Continue reading

Hello Helsinki!

Hello from Helsinki. Acclimatised to the weather and time zone, I have not, so I am blogging this at four in the morning (unfortunately, with no connection to the Internet). Continue reading


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