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Throwback: e27: Venture Into The Upper Echelons

As part of a school programme I spent six months in 2015 at e27, a media and events startup housed in Block 71. It was a great stint, filled with tough moments but many learning opportunities too. Continue reading

e27: Venture Into The Upper Echelons

My internship choices are oftentimes pragmatic – to make my future less uncertain, by working in companies of different sizes and industries, and on this occasion to also take a break from the business school ) – and although I leave each stint no less certain of what lies ahead, and perhaps even sceptical of my contributions, I always receive much more than I give. In e27 (“Entrepreneurs 27”, with 27 representing the median age of entrepreneurs, according to an essay by venture capitalist Paul Graham), a media and events startup housed in Block 71, I have been exposed to the bustling tech ecosystem in the region, challenged with demanding roles and responsibilities within e27, and played a small part in a business conference which brought together 2,500 startups, investors, as well as corporates. Continue reading

The Echelon Asia Summit

For the past six months my life at work has revolved around the Echelon Asia Summit – a tech and business event for startups, investors, and corporates in Singapore – and after two-and-a-half-days of hustle and bustle it has come to fruition. Since January the team has also travelled across 14 qualifying cities (over 93,000 kilometres, which is approximately two times the circumference of the Earth) in search of the TOP100 Startups, and throughout these months we toiled to communicate, to coordinate, as well as to perform. Continue reading


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