The Filter Bubble

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My 15 Favourite Books In 2016

The 15 books I enjoyed the most, in 2016. Continue reading

Hit Fake News Sites Where It Hurts

The problem of fake news sites and the spread of misinformation and disinformation – in the recent context of the recent presidential election in the United States, where “bogus news stories appearing online and on social media appear to have had a greater reach in the final months of the campaign than articles by authoritative, mainstream news outlets” (ST, Nov. 19) – has proliferated. And even though sites such as Facebook and Google can and should stem the dissemination of fake stories by targeting their online sources of revenue, the onus is also on individuals to be cognisant of these financial streams, to spot signs of fabricated content, and to therefore not click on or share such content. Continue reading

Eli Pariser’s “The Filter Bubble: What The Internet Is Hiding From You”

A review of Eli Pariser’s “The Filter Bubble: What The Internet Is Hiding From You”. Continue reading