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Growing Up “Special” In School

Put otherwise: Little is said about our biases attached to being at the top or being “special”, and the extent to which we are comfortable with confronting and questioning our privileges. Continue reading

Tests Of Nerves

And now I see these scenes played out by the young ones on social media, Twitter especially. Through the late nights and early mornings. There are tweets of anxieties, exasperation, and desperation. There is guilt – the guilt of procrastination, the same guilt I felt years ago. There are posts of disappointment after examinations. Yet when I read them now – beyond the “don’t stress yourself” and assurances that things will get better – I’m at a loss for words. Continue reading

An Arrogant Reality Check?

Halfway through our stint as year three councillors at Chinese High we had a peer-feedback session, and someone proposed the “Pandora’s Box” activity to strengthen our team. We sat in a circle, and in the centre there was a chair. In turns we sat on that chair, and listened to criticisms from our peers, on what or how the individual could improve his character or work performance. What were his weaknesses, in other words. Even though we were probably too young to understand dispositions and ambitions, the session was still fairly solemn. And because all of us took the exercise so seriously the insights were valuable. Continue reading