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Deeper Examination Of Survey On Third-Party Apps

In addition to the general findings by market research firm YouGov – which found that 53 per cent of [the 1,929] Singaporeans interviewed “want the authorities to legislate third-party apps, such as Uber and GrabCar” (TODAY, Oct. 21) – questions should be asked of the profile of these respondents, a breakdown of the observations across different segments, as well as the framing of the questions. Continue reading

Be Patient In Drive For Technopreneurship

Calls for the government to invest more in technopreneurship is often marked by anxiety, with warnings that in the immediate future innovative disruptions around the world could have painful consequences for local industries, especially the traditional ones. Digitisation – for instance – has already affected tour guides and department stores in Singapore, who face stiff competition from low-cost, high-growth tech startups. Continue reading

Tour Guides Must Embrace Digitisation

In its bid to help licensed tour guides remain relevant – through “a wider spectrum of professional development courses”, long service and quality awards presented “at an annual award ceremony from next year”, as well as grants to further train and market the skills of the guides (ST, Aug. 21) – the government taskforce appears to have neglected the advent of the Internet, and how it has disrupted the tourism sector. It goes beyond the “use of technology to market the services” of the tour guides, suggested by Mr. Howard Lim of the Society of Tourist Guides (Singapore), and should include analyses of how digitisation has empowered the tourist to bypass traditional services, regardless of the soft skills, awards, or marketable experience the tour guide might have. Continue reading


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