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Youth Tech-Complacency A Concern

Especially against the “Smart Nation” narrative, and the reliance on information and communications technology to prepare young Singaporeans for productivity gains or the jobs of tomorrow, the poor performance and complacency of tertiary students – who “overestimate their level of proficiency in digital literacy skills, including work processing and spreadsheets” (TODAY, Jul. 21) – is cause for concern. This study conducted by the International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) Asia, moreover, found that the average competency standard of the 373 Singaporean respondents was relatively low: They scored just 55 per cent, compared to the global passing standard mark of 75 per cent. Continue reading

The Threat Of Job Obsolescence

Necessitated in part by the threat of job obsolescence – since “changes unleashed by digital, robotic, and genomic technology, renders economic structures obsolete rapidly” (ST, Oct. 14) – the addition of seven subjects to hands-on learning at the GCE “O” and “N” level examinations is encouraging. And even though there is no doubt that educators will tailor their approaches to help students master skills or gain knowledge for the future, this same threat of job obsolescence also means over-specialisation will be a challenge too. In other words, students cannot be pigeon-holed too specifically into pathways without some generalisable abilities, if these pathways may not exist in the future. Continue reading

Throwback: Danke, Berlin!

At the end of our school programme we spent two weeks in Berlin, Germany last year, visiting startups and finding out more about the tech ecosystem in the city and country (and of course, took the chance to travel around). Read “Danke, Berlin!“, and here’s a short excerpt: “To the uninitiated, heading to Berlin, Germany – … Continue reading


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