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#SGBudget2018: Better Government Communication Needed To Build Knowledge, Trust

Now that Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat has delivered this year’s Budget, and with the Ministry of Finance (MOF) working to explain the different components of his speech, the brouhaha last month surrounding the MOF’s engagement of young “online micro-influencers” to publicise the Budget appears to be more symptomatic of a deeper malaise: That the government struggles to meaningfully communicate its policies. The communication is a familiar it-is-what-it-is approach, characterised by missed opportunities to explain how policy decisions – when compared against alternatives – were made and to help Singaporeans better understand policymaking, and in the process dispel myths. Continue reading

The Man Of The Protest Moment

And it seems like the three young speakers did take pages out of Miss Han’s book – unfortunately. In angry fits RP’s Miss Tyeisha Syaquilla, online writers Mr. Prabu Ramachandran and Mr. Ariffin Sha lambasted the ruling PAP for its perceived incompetence. Listening to the demagoguery in the middle of the crowd, and despite cognisance of the government’s missteps and shortcomings, one cannot help but wonder: what for? Continue reading

Post-Mortem: The Significance Of The Presidential Elections

The 2011 Elections have specifically: i) increased the population’s comprehension of the President’s duties, and allowed them to become more cognisant of the office and its constraints; ii) heightened discourse on pertinent political and socio-economic issues on the Internet and in traditional media; and iii) enhanced the public stature of the Presidential candidates, empowering them with more influence and prominence for future dialogue. Continue reading