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Throwback: Eugene Tan: Captain Not-Obvious

Before the new batch of Nominated Members of Parliament were announced last year, I had the chance to interview Mr. Eugene Tan – Associate Professor of Law at the Singapore Management University – where I quizzed him about his contributions to parliamentary debate, the attention he has paid to the tertiary institutions in Singapore, as well as reform to the electoral system. And I did ask him about the “Captain Obvious” label too. Continue reading

Eugene Tan: Captain Not-Obvious

Seeking approval from anyone, it would appear, has never been a priority for the law professor. “I look back at my time in Parliament without any regrets”. The “Captain Obvious” label hardly bothers him, and has not changed the way he contributes to socio-political discourse in Singapore rigorously. One might not always agree with Mr. Tan’s perspectives, but he will continue to do more – with academic training and knowledge – beyond this NMP stint. And I believe we are all the better for it. Continue reading

Good Grades Not The Only Ticket To University

A good university is a hub for knowledge, and standards should not be compromised. Yet if the admissions process can be calibrated to inject greater diversity, why not? Flexibility in the universities – and its admission process – sets the tone for the rest of the education system; one that is coming to terms with a complex and demanding world where book-smartness is no longer sufficient. Continue reading