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Data Can Do More For Persons With Disabilities

To complement the government’s plan to find out the number of persons with disabilities in Singapore, in the next census in 2020 – which also seeks “to uncover the type of disabilities they have, their age, and their household structure” (ST, Apr. 28) – two related proposals should be considered: first, the creation and subsequent maintenance of an official central registry for the disabled; and second, the use of data and statistics for analytics, and therefore for better policymaking. The census is a useful first step for an “invisible population” that we know little about, yet given the amount of work involved it is only conducted once every 10 years, whereas needs are more dynamic and require more updated information. Continue reading

National Conversation On Education: Three Lessons From A Canadian Province

As the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Singapore attempts run a parallel initiative, I reckoned it would be constructive to share three strategies adopted by the movement which intrigued me. More importantly, the administrators could even explore an expansion of these undertakings, so as to reach out more proactively to students, parents and teachers. Continue reading

Education In Singapore: Introducing More Partnerships Between Schools

More importantly, the bureaucrats involved can duplicate these schemes and partnerships throughout the education system. This could be especially poignant within the community of Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL), because of the differing methodologies adopted, and the dissimilar focuses in the information disseminated. Continue reading


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