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Consider The Benefits Of Skills Training Too

Absent from the discourse about skills training in the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the benefits for both the workers and the companies, in improving labour productivity, in increasing retention and advancement opportunities in the same workplace, and in enhancing long-term growth prospects. Far too often – as it is with the latest SME Development Survey, which found that 85 per cent of the SMEs surveyed said they were “hindered in their efforts to upgrade the skills of their workforce” (TODAY, Nov. 3) – the emphasis remained on the costs of skills training to the company, and framed in terms of the lack of time and capacity, other priorities, and the impact on the “day-to-day operations of their company”. Continue reading

Corporate Commitment To Certified Sustainable Palm Oil Should Go Beyond Advocacy

As encouraging as the mission of the Singapore Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil may be – to “[raise] awareness of the link between haze and unsustainable palm oil, and [to share] information on how to source sustainably” (TODAY, Jun. 28) – the commitment to certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) should go beyond advocacy, with more concrete indicators and targets to respectively show how existing members of the corporate alliance have made progress, and how prospective members should make the switch to CSPO. Furthermore to broaden the reach of the proposed advocacy, strategies could be designed and shared among the companies, to also educate Singaporean consumers. Continue reading

Secure Company Buy-In For Lifelong Learning

Government endeavours to encourage lifelong learning – such as the new School of Continuing and Lifelong Education (Scale) at the National University of Singapore (NUS), the first of the SkillsFuture centres network offering “executive development programmes such as specialisation certification courses in niche industries, and short courses for professionals” (TODAY, Jun. 19) – may be constructive. After all nearly 1,000 adults have enrolled under Scale at NUS, and given the diverse opportunities more should take up programmes and courses in the future. Yet to reach more Singaporeans, especially those who may not be convinced to obtain industry-standard certification, companies should be engaged to also train and develop their employees. Continue reading