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#GE2015: Reductive Analyses Of Social Media

Without meaningful information about data usage and content publication during the campaign period or the perceptions of Internet users on political content, analysts who seek to explain a “social media effect” following the recent general elections appear to be grasping at straws. And few of these analysts also account for the diverse motivations which influence the way Singaporeans consume or make use of content available on online platforms. Continue reading

The Man Of The Protest Moment

And it seems like the three young speakers did take pages out of Miss Han’s book – unfortunately. In angry fits RP’s Miss Tyeisha Syaquilla, online writers Mr. Prabu Ramachandran and Mr. Ariffin Sha lambasted the ruling PAP for its perceived incompetence. Listening to the demagoguery in the middle of the crowd, and despite cognisance of the government’s missteps and shortcomings, one cannot help but wonder: what for? Continue reading

The General Elections, One Year On: Craving For More Policy Discourse

It should be established right from the get-go that given the breakthroughs of the General Election in 2011 – which many had heralded as a “watershed” – the expectations heaped upon the Opposition members have been tremendous. It would not be easy negotiating around an environment that has been dominated by a single party for a very long time. Continue reading