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Throwback: My First And Last Marathon

Did my first and last marathon in December last year, right before our annual Model United Nations conference. Was quite the experience. Continue reading

My First And Last Marathon

The marathon is tough because shortcuts do not exist. Especially if you have an ego, told people about the attempt, and have friends tracking your progress on the mobile application. How difficult can it be, I wondered before the marathon, because in the unlikeliest of scenarios I could stride across the course within the nine-hour limit? So from the 15-kilometre mark I got into a routine of fast-marching (all credit to the months of training as a reconnaissance trooper, during my National Service) for a short distance after a water station, yet at the turning point of miserable East Coast Park I knew I would eventually succumb. The further I got into the run the longer the kilometres felt, and more had begun to walk. Continue reading

The Road To 42

On a whim I signed up for the Standard Chartered Marathon in December, when I completed my internship in July. It was going to be tough, the full marathon, but it was on the bucket list after all. I downloaded a 16-week running plan off the Internet (which called for four running sessions a week, of increasing durations), read up a little on dietary tips, and assured myself that this was just an extension of my weekly routine. Continue reading


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