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#NDRsg: The 2017 National Day Rally In Tweets

Missed the 2017 National Day Rally by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong? Here’s a chronological collection of my tweets from the evening. Continue reading

Research On PSLE Must Be More Precise

The news report (TODAY, Jul. 17), based on a nationwide study by the Institute of Policy Studies, on the perceptions of parents about the primary school education system in Singapore, read “PSLE still a necessary checkpoint for students”, but this conclusion seems to be premised upon responses to just a single question, on the extent to which the 1,500 parents agreed with the policy suggestion to “postpone high stakes exams such as PSLE to a later age”. The researchers themselves did acknowledge that these findings “may suggest” the aforementioned, though without a counterfactual – such as comparisons with students who do not take the PSLE or similar national examinations – no causal conclusions can actually be drawn. Continue reading

Survey Mothers And Mothers-To-Be On Prevalence Of Workplace Discrimination

I applaud TODAY for bringing attention to the issue of subtle workplace discrimination faced by mothers and mothers-to-be. It is critical to go beyond the number of pregnant women unfairly dismissed provided by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) – when “there are subtle ways of discrimination at the workplace” (TODAY, Jun. 19) – to uncover both discriminatory practices as well as their prevalence in Singapore. In fact, the newspaper’s own Facebook post for this article drew a worrying number of anecdotes, ranging from dismissals after requests for redeployment were turned down, to the creation of perceived inconveniences or responsibilities upon pregnancy. Continue reading

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