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Throwback: Articles From “The Middle Ground”

In addition to the pieces I wrote for “The Middle Ground” during the general elections last year, here is a collection of my favourite reports or commentaries I have written since I joined the publication: — Lifelong Learning and the SkillsFuture Movement TMG Exclusive: Ong Ye Kung on SkillsFuture: Value What You Know – And … Continue reading

An Education System Which Embraces Risk

Two insightful pieces in TODAY – the first on the need for the Singapore education system to embrace risk and the second on making examinations in the country more flexible – present constructive calls for change, but comfort with the status quo implies knee-jerk resistance to these perspectives. Oftentimes when there are similar proposals, proponents point to a history of success purportedly undergirded by meritocracy (even if this political philosophy has been threatened by growing inequality), arguing against these recommendations with evidence of high scores at the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) (even if it is but one indicator for the success of an education system). Continue reading

Balancing Homework

At first glance the finding that students in Singapore rank third globally in time spent on homework – with 9.4 average hours every week – is another confirmation of Singapore’s stressful education system (ST, Dec. 27). “Are you sure Singapore is not first” was a common response on the Internet. However, Associate Professor Jason Tan of the National Institute of Education was right to mention that with little indication of the subjects and nature of homework completed, it is “hard to draw any conclusions from [the findings]”. Continue reading