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National Service In Singapore: How And Why You Should Unsubscribe From Pioneer Magazine

The main question is this: what are the rationales for making subscription to Pioneer magazine compulsory for all within the system (accompanied by the institution of a rigid opt-out mechanism)? Shouldn’t individuals have the prerogative to choose whether they would like to purchase a publication, and not be asked to be removed from the mailing list? What is the logic with the present mechanism? It makes good sense, on many dimensions, to make it a fair opt-in system. Continue reading

The Military And Public Feedback: Expanding CyberPioneer’s Endeavours

The CyberPioneer FaceBook page is a coordinated effort introduced by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) to provide Singaporeans with more information about military events and various developments. In all fairness, the page has been a laudable effort by the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), and is one most well-managed social media platform across the different ministries: … Continue reading

Increasing Channels For Feedback And Discourse (National Service Survey)

This post is part of my National Service Survey series, titled “The Full-Time National Serviceman: Concerns, Challenges And The Way Forward“. The study was also premised upon three key principles: first, to involve NSFs in the entire feedback process; second, to inform the SAF and MINDEF about these concerns; third, besides the implementation of workable … Continue reading