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“The Elite School Student’s Burden”

The class divide in Singapore needs to be bridged, yet the commentaries or responses which followed have tiptoed around structural fixes, focusing instead on superficial gestures which preserve the status quo. In particular, these gestures range from volunteering to social mixing through sports, arts, or heritage activities, prompting a TODAY letter writer to remark that “what we need to overcome this divide is social solidarity, not cosmetic social mixing” (TODAY, Jan. 3). Continue reading

Singapore’s Education System: Balance Creativity, Pragmatism And Ambition

“Students today who apply for scholarships, however, are not very active beyond the classroom, he said. Back then, he recounted, ‘a lot of us were more involved in uniform groups’” (Students Need To ‘Tinker’ Around To Be Creative, Miss Alicia Wong). It is interesting to hear Mr. Philip Yeo share about his personal anecdotal experiences … Continue reading