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12 Years A SAP Student, And Nothing (Chinese) To Show For It

What, in other words, is the value of an SAP education today? And how do the experiences vary? Even before a broader discourse on changes to SAP schools – whether they should be abolished, or they should cater to mother tongues of Bahasa Melayu and Tamil – do we know enough about the effectiveness of an SAP education, especially from the perspective of students? For the overwhelming assumption seems to be that an SAP education, with the focus on bilingualism and cultural immersion, necessarily confers lifelong benefits. Continue reading

Couple Student Cleaning With Breaks For Janitors

In addition to plans to get students in Singapore to “spend at least a few minutes each day cleaning classrooms, canteens, and corridors by the year end” (ST, Feb. 26), it would also be useful to give breaks to janitors – which is already happening in schools such as Serangoon Junior College, where the cleaning crew are given a one-day break at the start of the year – to emphasise the importance of ownership and social responsibility. And in fact even in countries such as Japan and Taiwan, where the Ministry of Education (MOE) took reference from, many schools do not employ cleaners or janitors. Continue reading