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When Is Volunteerism, Volunteerism?

And discussions about transactions lead me back to my experiences, when pragmatism characterised my voluntary endeavours in the beginning. While there was no exchange of cash, active participation in the community involvement programme or service-learning brought benefits beyond the hours: the hours first signalled a commitment to the community, which reflected favourably in applications for scholarships or programmes, and ultimately brought in awards too. In many ways the advantages of volunteerism often accrue to the volunteer – vis-à-vis the beneficiaries – and there are often ironic temptations to glorify these contributions and sacrifices. Altruism in this vein is presumed, even if it does not necessarily apply. Continue reading

Stop Posting Pictures Of You And Kids You’ve “Helped” On Your Trips

Back from an overseas community service or volunteerism trip and wondering about which picture of you – with the kids you’ve “helped” – to post online? Continue reading