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NTU Invite-Only Career Fair: Shortsighted To Limit Event Publicity Based On GPA

Given the recent policy moves by the Ministry of Education to reduce emphasis on school-based tests at the primary and secondary school levels, and to correspondingly focus on lifelong learning instead , the apparent decision by the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to limit publicity of one of its career fair based on grade performance per se – targeting those “from scholar programmes or with a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.75 out of five” (ST, Oct. 7) – appears ill-timed and poorly justified. And if it is true, as per the interview with a final-year undergraduate reported in the paper, that organisers also screened resumes or checked for GPAs at the door, the university is likely to be doing those who were excluded a disservice. Continue reading

Questions From The Symposium On Internet Use During The 2015 General Elections

Much has been made of the findings from the symposium on media and Internet use during the 2015 general elections – organised by the Institute of Policy Studies on January 27, 2016 – including the relationship between social media sharing and knowledge about the elections, demographics of the swing voters, as well as the influence of open or closed social media groups. But what I thought was perhaps more interesting were questions raised by the five presentations, with opportunities for future research. Continue reading

Throwback: Eugene Tan: Captain Not-Obvious

Before the new batch of Nominated Members of Parliament were announced last year, I had the chance to interview Mr. Eugene Tan – Associate Professor of Law at the Singapore Management University – where I quizzed him about his contributions to parliamentary debate, the attention he has paid to the tertiary institutions in Singapore, as well as reform to the electoral system. And I did ask him about the “Captain Obvious” label too. Continue reading