National Day Rally

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What Are Online News Sites Good For?

If aspirations to raise the level of socio-political discourse and to hold politicians and policymakers in Singapore to account – which I believe to be the most productive purpose of these sites – are “snobbish”, “condescending”, and “pretentious”, then yes, I am guilty as charged. Continue reading

#NDRsg: The 2017 National Day Rally In Tweets

Missed the 2017 National Day Rally by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong? Here’s a chronological collection of my tweets from the evening. Continue reading

“And What Is Aleppo?”: Why Global Developments Should Matter To Singaporeans

What about citizens – Singaporeans like you and me, in particular – and our responsibility to stay informed not only about the Syrian crisis, but also about developments around the world: from the refugee crisis and the United Nations (UN), to the rejected peace deal in Colombia, and to the rancorous presidential elections in the United States?

And given how globalised Singapore is, should this responsibility – premised upon arguments that there are pragmatic benefits, that it is important for policy-making and personal enrichment in Singapore, and that Singaporeans are also part of a common and shared humanity – be emphasised? Continue reading