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Drumming Up Youth Interest In #Budget2018? Try These Five Short-Term Strategies

The Ministry of Finance has been criticised for its engagement of “online micro-influencers” to publicise the upcoming Budget. Long-term solutions to the problems of youth lethargy or apathy lie in civic engagement, but with the “micro-influencers” already engaged and with the finance minister due to deliver his Budget speech in a few weeks, five short-term strategies can be considered (potentially for the future too):

1. Reach out to the same “micro-influencers” again, but encourage them to do more beyond the Instagram posts;
2. Don’t overwhelm: Frame the discussion by highlighting key issues;
3. Let young Singaporeans set the agenda, on their economic or financial concerns;
4. Take the first steps towards (the exploration of) participatory budgeting; and
5. Document these exchanges in an interactive fashion. Continue reading

Inflation: The View From The Ground

“Inflation has reared its ugly head once again and hard-pressed Singaporeans are now grappling with the monster. Is the beast the same as the one that emerged in previous decades? Or is it a different animal? What weapons can be unsheathed to slay it or at least keep it at bay” (Wrestling With The Beast … Continue reading

Singapore And Worker Productivity: A Layman’s Perspective

“And with foreign workers, making up about one-third of our current workforce, the question that has inevitably been raised is how well they are performing in relation to Singaporeans” (Can We Compare Local, Foreign Worker Output?, Miss Cheow Xin Yi). The report “Can We Compare Local, Foreign Worker Output?” (January 21, 2011) by Miss Cheow … Continue reading