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National Youth Council’s INSPIRIT: Negligible Outcomes?

I am in no position to doubt the sincerity and passion of the 120 participants; nonetheless, I question the overall effectiveness of the endeavour, and its potentially negligible outcomes. Continue reading

Educating Parents: Strengthening And Developing Productive Relationships

It signals two constructive developments: first, groups of parents are more receptive to new parenting strategies, and are more willing to consider different methodologies to heighten levels of communication; second, the Ministry of Education (MOE) could potentially harness these energies during involvement, and encourage parents to pay progressively complementary roles in the education system. Continue reading

The Budget: Helping Singaporeans With Disabilities, And Assisting Children From Low-Income Households

I thought it would be interesting to focus on some of the other aspects that may not have been as outstanding, but hold equal significance: there are, helping Singaporeans with disabilities, and assisting children from low-income households. Continue reading