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“The Elite School Student’s Burden”

The class divide in Singapore needs to be bridged, yet the commentaries or responses which followed have tiptoed around structural fixes, focusing instead on superficial gestures which preserve the status quo. In particular, these gestures range from volunteering to social mixing through sports, arts, or heritage activities, prompting a TODAY letter writer to remark that “what we need to overcome this divide is social solidarity, not cosmetic social mixing” (TODAY, Jan. 3). Continue reading

Research On PSLE Must Be More Precise

The news report (TODAY, Jul. 17), based on a nationwide study by the Institute of Policy Studies, on the perceptions of parents about the primary school education system in Singapore, read “PSLE still a necessary checkpoint for students”, but this conclusion seems to be premised upon responses to just a single question, on the extent to which the 1,500 parents agreed with the policy suggestion to “postpone high stakes exams such as PSLE to a later age”. The researchers themselves did acknowledge that these findings “may suggest” the aforementioned, though without a counterfactual – such as comparisons with students who do not take the PSLE or similar national examinations – no causal conclusions can actually be drawn. Continue reading

“You Won’t Believe These Five Possibilities Of (And Threats To) Socio-Political Blogging In Singapore”

Delivered a speech at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Social Policies Forum – themed “Expression in the New Media Age: Possibilities and Threats” – organised by the NUS Political Association, and drew from personal experiences from 2009, lessons from The Middle Ground (and previously, Breakfast Network), and why more of my friends – many with great perspectives and even better writing skills – should start blogs or write more actively. Continue reading


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