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Pedagogies – Not Technology – Are Challenges

“But the push to roll out technology in classrooms is facing a backlash, with some schools and teachers saying computers are a “distraction” and can hinder learning” (Laptops In Class: Learning Aid Or Distraction?, Jonathan Pearlman). It is convenient to blame technology in classrooms – the use of laptops and iPads, for instance – as … Continue reading

iPads In The Classroom: More Yay Than Nay

I consider myself rather proficient on web-based and social media platforms (personally, I have a socio-political website, and I engage in frivolity on Twitter in a whimsical fashion), but am terribly slow when it comes to handling (new) hardware. Hence, I thought it would be constructive – from the perspective of a first-timer – to raise a few reflective points on the exclusive use of iPads within an academic classroom. Continue reading

The River Valley iPad Debacle: Education-Based ICT Too Fast, Too Quickly?

Individuals should be cognisant of the tendencies for the aforementioned publications to sensationalise anecdotal observations or reader submissions (while slight dissatisfaction might be widespread, the proposition of a “shouting match” seems grossly exaggerated, and over-dramatised). However, it is worth contemplating perspectives associated with information communications technology (ICT): why is there such an immense obsession with it; does it employment necessarily yield desirable or positive after-effects; has its benefits and advantages been overstated? Continue reading