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Balancing Homework

At first glance the finding that students in Singapore rank third globally in time spent on homework – with 9.4 average hours every week – is another confirmation of Singapore’s stressful education system (ST, Dec. 27). “Are you sure Singapore is not first” was a common response on the Internet. However, Associate Professor Jason Tan of the National Institute of Education was right to mention that with little indication of the subjects and nature of homework completed, it is “hard to draw any conclusions from [the findings]”. Continue reading

Holiday Homework Woes In Singapore

A holiday, by definition, is a time for leisure and recreation. Even a hard-ass like me might have to concede – based on anecdotal observations – the kids do deserve their break after months of hard graft. Continue reading

Homework Laments: How About Working With Teachers?

We really are making a mountain out of a molehill, aren’t we? Insofar as we accept the justifications for homework and CCA, the real solution is for students to work collaboratively with their teachers-in-charge, to make the necessary arrangements or changes. Continue reading