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Please, Stop Throwing Anecdotes At Singapore’s Inequality And Class Divide Problems

The question, therefore, is not whether children from low-income families can make it to RI, become President’s Scholars, or succeed in life (answer: they can), but the proportion of children who actually do. Mapping out the extent to which these children and their families make it and the extent to which a level playing field exists – assuming that it is equity, not equality, we desire – are moreover useful for understanding the structural challenges they face. This also underlines a second opposition to the disproportionate emphasis on anecdotes (even well-meaning and meaningful ones): That structural problems demand structural solutions, not just piecemeal calls for changes in mindsets or stereotypes. Continue reading

Legal Framework For Neighbourly Conduct In Singapore: Unnecessary And Contrived?

My opinion is that a legal framework for neighbourly conduct in Singapore appears unnecessary and contrived, and could give rise to more undesirable ramifications instead of addressing present unhappiness in a sustainable manner. Demanding residents could become pedantically nitpicky, with the intent of finding fault with their neighbours over the slightest of transgressions. Legal liabilities can be perceived as being too Draconian, and legal resolution strategies could harm relationships. Continue reading

Evaluating The Finer Aspects Of The Lift Upgrading Programme (LUP)

“This petition comes after residents at Blocks 411, 415 and 417 in Eunos Road 5 asked HDB to tear down the lift shafts built under the LUP, as they blocked light and made homes too dark” (Residents Petition Against LUP, Miss Sia Ling Xin). I read with intrigue the report, “Residents Petition Against LUP” (June … Continue reading