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Advice On Advice

In competitive environments of uncertainty advice seems to insulate individuals from failure, and with an aversion to stumble the appeal of advice is necessarily augmented. At any stage of life there is always something one ought to do: settling complex relationships, deciding on a university or course of study, manoeuvring through the workplace… Held up as role models (or perhaps templates) seniors in my high school returned to impart wisdom to their bright-eyed juniors, and even at sharing sessions in the universities the invited alumni would wax lyrical about their list of achievements and strategies for “success”. Continue reading

Taking Chinese New Year For Granted

“每年新年, 转眼之间就过了” (“the fifteen days of Chinese New Year celebrations this year, gone in the blink of an eye”), the relatives often muse when they leave. Celebrations in the future might be no less entertaining as our generation of Singaporeans finds new ways to occupy ourselves, but these extensive familial connections will be less commonplace. Continue reading

The Things That Matter, People Who Matter

For years after my National Service stint my mother has asked if I could make time – at the end of the year – for the family to travel a few weeks together, and for her it made even more sense last year. On my exchange semester in Helsinki, Finland I travelled to different cities in Europe, and not only was she excited to visit the places I’ve been to as well as to go on obligatory shopping and sightseeing trips, above all I think she wanted us to be together. Continue reading


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