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Challenging The Need For A (Private) Degree

A question which unfortunately remained unanswered in TODAY’s commentary (Apr. 7) on the comparatively low employment rate and starting salary of private school graduates – based on the findings from the latest graduate employment survey (GES) published by the Private Education Institute (PEI) – is the extent to which, in the first place, a (private) university degree is needed in Singapore. Continue reading

Throwback: Greater Clarity Over Higher University Fees

The increase in university fees seems like an annual ritual, and with each announcement there are demands for more information on “the faculty, equipment, and operating costs”. Continue reading

Think Deeper About Degree Motivations

The new survey led by the Council for Private Education (CPE) – which will survey students from nine private schools “to find out what jobs they went into and what their wages are” (ST, Jan. 4) – appears timely, given the decline in enrolments from 100,000 in 2012 to 77,000 in 2015 as well as longstanding perceptions that Singaporeans enter private universities for the mere sake of the degree. Coupled with these perceptions may be expectations of higher remuneration or better prospects upon graduation, especially if fees are steep, without consideration of the applicability of the courses or the relevance of the degree in the first place. Continue reading