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On (Online) Falsehoods: Everyone Wants “Media Literacy”. But How Should We Actually Teach Or Inculcate It?

Yet this assumption that media literacy is the long-term panacea for falsehoods in general remains unchallenged. And problematically too it also avoids the harder and more meaningful questions of how exactly to teach or to inculcate media literacy, and how the effectiveness of these programmes can be determined. After all, promoting such discourse can be unsettling, especially when notions of what constitutes “truth” are confronted. In the Singaporean context, however, the much-needed discourse on media literacy and public education can be guided by three related questions: First, the extent to which existing media literacy programmes been effective (or not); second, whether we are willing to re-examine traditional approaches to media literacy as we know it, while acknowledging instances of failure; and third, how we might involve teachers and their schools – who were hardly represented in this consultative process – more constructively in the future. Continue reading

Diverse Singapore Conversations

Diverse perspectives are productive for policymaking, so it is hard to disagree with the suggestion by Mr. Eugene Tan “to have more conversations regularly, rather than one Big Conversation” (TODAY, Aug. 28). Since the conclusion of the “Our Singapore Conversation” initiative two years ago – as well as complementary endeavours organised by the Ministry of Defence and Education – it would appear that large-scale discourses have been far and few between. Some may argue that the interest levels of Singaporeans are not as high, especially since the government has addressed hot-button issues since the last elections, but there have been even fewer discussions about aspirations for an ambiguous future. Continue reading

Throwback: Eugene Tan: Captain Not-Obvious

Before the new batch of Nominated Members of Parliament were announced last year, I had the chance to interview Mr. Eugene Tan – Associate Professor of Law at the Singapore Management University – where I quizzed him about his contributions to parliamentary debate, the attention he has paid to the tertiary institutions in Singapore, as well as reform to the electoral system. And I did ask him about the “Captain Obvious” label too. Continue reading