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Yardsticks Of Success

The problem with competitive meritocracy in Singapore lies not with the winner-take-all mentality per se (ST, June 22), but with the insistence that academic accomplishment remains the sole yardstick of success. Institutions have been built around this, entrenching those who fit a certain disposition. And unless we recognise the varied pathways an individual can take, the different forms of “success”, the divide between the haves and have-nots will persist. Continue reading

The DSA Could Deepen Inequalities

In the words of my friend: 12 is too young to take a very important academic examination, but apparently old enough to determine one’s character. Continue reading

The Sunday Times’s Think: On Examinations, Books In Singapore

“She brings up the 10 per cent rule that the Texas university system has adopted where all public colleges and universities, including the highly selective University of Texas, Austin, must admit any Texas applicant who graduates in the top 10 per cent of his or her high school class”. Continue reading