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Poverty Data Will Help Non-Profits

More data on the poor in Singapore will not only help the government determine – more objectively – if its transfers and schemes have been effective, but also strengthen performance management and measurement of non-profits, which look to quantify their impact in communities. For at first glance the Household Expenditure Survey and the latest ComCare report show that households living in one- and two-room flats and those households in the bottom 20 per cent by income respectively are better off as compared to a decade ago. The excellent commentary by Miss Radha Basu however, having ploughed through “350 pages of [such] publicly released information” (ST, Oct. 5), reveals gaps. Continue reading

“Apa Itu Activist?”

It was a diverse line-up of speakers – of journalists, activists and advocates, lawyers and academics – with vastly dissimilar interests and backgrounds, tasked to address broad themes on civil society action and advocacy. And a crowd of 120 involved or interested in advocacy had gathered at the National University of Singapore (NUS) to hear more from them. Through plenary sessions and group discussions “Apa Itu Activist?”, organised by the Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) and the Yale-NUS International Relations and Political Association last Saturday, sought to not only enrich present public discourse, but also to share experiences and strategies for future endeavours in Singapore. Continue reading

Community Service And Volunteerism: Creatives For Causes Singapore

Creatives for Causes is a pro-bono communications agency, which seeks to spread awareness and inspire action for social causes, thereby empowering the next generation of creative talents in Singapore. The non-profit was established in July earlier this year, and is looking to match creative volunteers with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) which may require different forms of services. Today, we speak to its founder Miss Jeraldine Phneah, who will be sharing about elements of this community endeavour, as well as her thoughts on community service in Singapore. Continue reading