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Roots? What Roots?

Already I hear frustrated groans from the Han Chinese community, that this young bloke is an ignoramus. They might be right about my detachment. I have never set foot on China (besides a school trip to Hainan). I do not know which village or province my ancestors were from (my grandparents first lived on Pulau Ubin before moving to mainland Singapore), and have no interest in finding out. My understanding of the “Chinese traditions” PM Lee alludes to stretches no further than the rites and rituals my family observes, and I am not sure if I will pass these practices on. I am also clueless as to what the collective “Chinese identity” entails. The Chinese language? Confucianism? Chinese pop culture? What does it mean to be a 炎黄子孙 (descendants of legendary ancestors), to be part of the 中华民族 (the Chinese race)? Continue reading

Singapore’s Education System: A Dialogue With Minister Heng Swee Keat

I was considerably excited for the dialogue because: one, education issues have always been somewhat of a niche for me (having gone through the system first-hand – save for the university experience – I have always had my own insights and perspectives); two, it would be my first time hearing Minister Heng share about his plans for the Ministry of Education (MOE), and relevant concerns. Continue reading

Bettering Singapore’s Language Education At The Pre-School Level

Focusing on pre-school and kindergarten teaching-learning is especially crucial, and has to be fine-tuned to render bilingualism a convenient reality: home-based education with parents must be strengthened, current curriculum must be reviewed, and processes should go beyond writing per se to include speaking, reading and listening capabilities. Continue reading