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The Poor And The Elderly In Singapore: Roving Task-Force A Viable Band-Aid?

It makes one wonder if significant improvements can be made to the much-heralded “many helping hands” framework – involving important stakeholders such as the non-government organisations (NGO) and the Community Development Councils (CDC) – to heighten accessibility, comprehension levels and outreach capabilities. Continue reading

People’s Association: Searching For A Way Forward

Therefore, moving forward from these exchanges, stakeholders should be looking at constructive ways to work around these rigid constraints, and simultaneously introduce recommendations and amendments for the People’s Association. Continue reading

Walk The Public Service Talk: Render Help To Those In Need

“Yesterday, he reaffirmed his reputation by calling for funds and talent to be channelled towards helping the most under-privileged children” (Government ‘Should Help Most Needy Kids’, Mr. Zakir Hussain). The report “Government ‘Should Help Most Needy Kids’” (November 20, 2010) by Mr. Zakir Hussain: it is certainly interesting to hear Mr. Ngiam Tong Dow’s perspectives … Continue reading