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A Curious Expression Of Insecurity

PM Lee’s position is anchored by two arguments: first, that the film runs contrary to established historical records which are “not seriously disputed”. Notwithstanding academic research which might have produced contrarian arguments, how can we evaluate the veracity of the accounts without access to such content in the first place? Surely with our desire to foster critical thinking – to view purported misinformation or disinformation with scepticism, for instance – we would be compelled to read contesting accounts? Or should we assume that the existing narrative is necessarily representative or accurate? Continue reading

Finnish Art (A Presentation)

A presentation on: i. a brief chronology and history of Finnish art; ii. the transition from modern to contemporary art in the country; and iii. some characteristics of art in Finland (nature and natural landscapes, as well as the “Kalevala”). Continue reading

Masterstroke: A Singapore Youth’s Unconventional Graphic Design Journey

“Nothing always leads to nothing, but something always leads to something”, quips Danny Choo (Culture Japan), popular anime blogger. For young, budding Singaporean Singaporean graphic designer Linus Lim, the maxim is dead simple, but it really makes all the difference to him. Having worked with the anime personality to set up a branch in Singapore, Linus … Continue reading