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Holiday Homework Woes In Singapore

A holiday, by definition, is a time for leisure and recreation. Even a hard-ass like me might have to concede – based on anecdotal observations – the kids do deserve their break after months of hard graft. Continue reading

Jobless Niece = Government Must Do Better?

I am not contending that our ministries and administration should be absolved from all blame. Rather, when making sense of our own plights or ostensibly challenging situations, perhaps we could be more circumspect, to start thinking about how we might improve or change ourselves to make the best of opportunities, instead of searching for entities to blame. Most significantly, the onus should be on the individual to grow, develop, and adapt. Continue reading

Literature: Its Value, Its Intimidation, And My Journey

My take (and also to chime in on the present discourse) is simple: we need to stop perceiving Literature as a subject or academic discipline per se. Continue reading


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