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Financial Illiteracy

Even as a business student with some knowledge of financial concepts making sense of these policies takes time and effort. On the one hand financial education should be emphasised, and on the other financial information should be presented in more intuitive ways. At the present moment many are overwhelmed by the avalanche of details and figures. Continue reading

Roots? What Roots?

Already I hear frustrated groans from the Han Chinese community, that this young bloke is an ignoramus. They might be right about my detachment. I have never set foot on China (besides a school trip to Hainan). I do not know which village or province my ancestors were from (my grandparents first lived on Pulau Ubin before moving to mainland Singapore), and have no interest in finding out. My understanding of the “Chinese traditions” PM Lee alludes to stretches no further than the rites and rituals my family observes, and I am not sure if I will pass these practices on. I am also clueless as to what the collective “Chinese identity” entails. The Chinese language? Confucianism? Chinese pop culture? What does it mean to be a 炎黄子孙 (descendants of legendary ancestors), to be part of the 中华民族 (the Chinese race)? Continue reading

Graduating Into Uncertainty

The degree was never a guarantee for everything. Today the degree (and how well you do) is still a signalling mechanism, a mere knock on the door, but with knowledge becoming more ubiquitous and accessible the value of the degree has diminished. Those who do well know there is no replacement for industry – with or without a university education. After all the school cannot prepare one fully for the workplace, for the demands – routine responsibilities, steep learning curves, bureaucratic hierarchies – can only be experienced first-hand. Continue reading