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A Case Against National Service – The Responses

Last week a commentary about National Service by a friend of mine, who is due to enlist in less than a year, attracted a number of interesting responses and comments. Continue reading

A Case Against National Service

The prospect of National Service (NS) unsettles. Some of us brim with excitement, some of us cannot fathom the military regimentation and the physical exertion, and some of us question the very need for the purportedly anachronistic institution. “Why waste two years, with Singapore’s diplomacy, technology, and the disadvantages of servicemen in school and at the workplace”, the sceptics argue. And sometimes it is convenient for us who have gone through the two years to be dismissive of this perceived immaturity. Continue reading

Preserving Places In Singapore

Preservation has always intrigued me. The whole art of keeping something in its original state, despite a fast-moving society that is constantly craving and hungry for new developments. The whole world is facing the continuous dilemma between buildings to keep and buildings to do away with. Especially Singapore. Continue reading