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The Weekly Global Roundup

The Weekly Global Roundup: Unresolved Problems (November 21 to November 26, 2016)

This roundup covers news summaries across six regions: Africa, the Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, North America, and South America. Wherever possible I draw links to Singapore, but I think it is more important to understand geopolitical developments around the world, to draw attention to meaningful news stories, and to highlight both positive and negative events.

Around the world, I rely primarily on the email newsletters from “The Economist“, “Foreign Policy“, “Muck Rack“, “The New York Times“, “The Wall Street Journal“, and “The World Post“. In Singapore, the weekly digests from the European Union Centre and the Middle East Institute are handy. Do send me recommendations of news outlets or articles too, to jinyao.guan.yin.miao[a]gmail.com!

Taken from http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/audio/video/2014/2/17/1392656851985/Matteo-Renzi-press-confer-018.jpg.

Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi.

November 21 to 26, 2016

Leaders around the world are struggling to solve persistent problems in their countries. In the political realm, the presidents of Nigeria, South Korea, and Zimbabwe – Muhammadu Buhari, Park Geun-hye, and Robert Mugabe – confront low approval ratings, as a result of scandals and the inability to moot effective political or economic proposals. And in Italy, where Prime Minister Matteo Renzi seeks to fix institutional paralysis, he faces defeat in the upcoming referendum. In the socio-economic realm, even though the World Health Organisation has declared an end to the Zika emergency, some public health experts argue that it may slow international response instead. And in the environmental realm, a powerful earthquake off the coast of Fukushima in Japan has reignited debate about the restarting of nuclear plants, and two weeks after levels of dangerous air particles in New Delhi, India, soared to over 16 times the “safe” limit, air quality in the region is expected to remain dangerous for months to come.

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  • A year after Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari won a historic election, by unseating an incumbent president as an opposition candidate, his popularity – for his inability to articulate a coherent economic plan, for his ineffectual anti-corruption crusade, and for his “gradual turn toward authoritarianism” – has gone down.
  • In the midst of a cash crisis, and years after hyperinflation caused its currency to collapse in 2009, the government of Zimbabwe plans to introduce “bond notes” denominated in US dollars this month. But widespread distrust of the government persists, and some have said that President Robert Mugabe is a key problem.

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