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Throwback: e27: Venture Into The Upper Echelons

The e27 team at the Echelon Asia Summit.

The e27 team at the Echelon Asia Summit.

As part of a school programme I spent six months in 2015 at e27, a media and events startup housed in Block 71. It was a great stint, filled with tough moments but many learning opportunities too.

Read “e27: Venture Into The Upper Echelons“, and here’s a short excerpt:

“My internship choices are oftentimes pragmatic – to make my future less uncertain, by working in companies of different sizes and industries, and on this occasion to also take a break from the business school ) – and although I leave each stint no less certain of what lies ahead, and perhaps even sceptical of my contributions, I always receive much more than I give. In e27 (“Entrepreneurs 27”, with 27 representing the median age of entrepreneurs, according to an essay by venture capitalist Paul Graham), a media and events startup housed in Block 71, I have been exposed to the bustling tech ecosystem in the region, challenged with demanding roles and responsibilities within e27, and played a small part in a business conference which brought together 2,500 startups, investors, as well as corporates.

Yet there were days when the going was tough. Really tough. In the mornings the questions and updates overwhelmed, in the afternoons the meetings drained, and by the evenings I scrambled to complete tasks. After the weekends my inbox brimmed with email conversations, and the enquiries piled up as the Echelon Asia Summit in June neared. Furthermore within the first four months of the year (and of my attachment) the company organised over 20 events across Asia-Pacific, and at times the team was stretched, and we barely had time to catch our breaths between these events.

Unreasonable customers were rare, but all it took was one to ruin a week. And in this vein criticisms were met with grace and humility.”

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