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#21stCenturyIdioms, and Hiatus

I end my internship next Friday, and will be taking the next two weeks to do some reading and clear some work (mainly work for UNASMUN). In the meantime, I leave you with some brilliant #21stCenturyIdioms from a good friend.

1. “Don’t put all your files in one hard drive” #21stcenturyidioms

2. “A contact on Whatsapp is worth two on Tinder” #21stcenturyidioms

3. MT “It’s all [Uni]code to me” #21stcenturyidioms

4. “Friends, netizens, people with Internet access. Lend me your wifi modems” #21stcenturyidioms

5. MT “Never judge a book by its wikipedia [and sparknotes] article” #21stcenturyidioms

6. “We’re all on the same server” #21stcenturyidioms

7. “Google was not built in a day” #21stcenturyidioms

About guanyinmiao

A man of knowledge lives by acting, not by thinking about acting. Carlos Castaneda.


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