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Iraq’s Reconstruction: Can The United Nations Lend A Useful Helping Hand?

The livelihood of Iraqis is overly dependent on a state that is entirely reliant on a single resource” (Iraq’s Uncertain Future, Mr. Ali A. Allawi).

Endeavours by the United Nations (UN) – unfortunately – has been lacklustre at best.

The commentary “Iraq’s Uncertain Future” (December 30, 2011) by Mr. Ali A. Allawi: Mr. Ali succinctly summarises the geopolitical and diplomatic challenges that plague the beleaguered country of Iraq; more significantly, he has astutely pointed out Iraq’s deficient, pedantic agriculture-based economy that has impeded reconstruction efforts. However, he has failed to highlight the lamentable lack of international awareness, and that endeavours by the United Nations (UN) – unfortunately – has been lacklustre at best.

Political advancements must be coupled with parallel focuses in the socio-economic spheres; citizens are immensely desirous of having fundamental needs addressed first – particularly financial ones – before broader problems can be explored. The UN can constructively nudge the Iraqi administration out of apathy and lethargy. The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) – actively complemented by the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) – has been mandated to implement the International Compact with Iraq, but tangible, feasible endeavours have been far and few between.

Reconstruction, development and humanitarian needs should be perceived with equal importance as assorted security or geopolitical fears. It will take firm determination, resources and sturdy strategies for the UN and its agencies to work on the aforementioned and to strengthen economic foundations; nevertheless, if the organisation chooses not to, who else is capable of partnering the nation on its arduous road to recovery?

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