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The Weekly Global Roundup: “I Will Keep You In Suspense” (October 17 to 22, 2016)

The Weekly Global Roundup: “I Will Keep You In Suspense” (October 17 to 22, 2016)

“I will keep you in suspense”: Just under three weeks to go before Election Day in the United States on November 8, and the highlight of the third and final debate was the refusal of Republican nominee Donald Trump to respect the results of the election. “I will tell you at the time” was his response, when asked if he would support the winner even if it was not him. “The New York Times” reported that Mr. Trump was in this vein “rejecting American political norms and growing pressure from his own party by claiming that the political process is extensively rigged against him”, and at a time when he needed a strong debate performance – since most polls have him down against his opponent – many thought Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton completed a hat-trick of debate victories.

Beyond the United States, a 170-country agreement to cut the use of planet-warming hydrofluorocarbons is a rare bright spot in a world plagued by conflicts: a hurricane-battered Haiti which is now dealing with an outbreak of cholera, in the Legislative Council in Hong Kong where pro-independence members who refused to take a pledge were barred from taking their seats, and in Iraq where a messy and prolonged operation to take back the city of Mosul has just begun. Continue reading


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